newznab downloads

newznab is a web application written using php, pear and mysql, which runs on linux, windows and mac, and is available in two versions. You will need a usenet account, we recommend usenetserver, as its cheap, reliable, and consistently
in the top three of all providers.

  • newznab plus

    Our regularly updated, premium edition of newznab incorporating many additional features including ...

    • Increased support
    • Thumbnailing from available archive types
    • Memcache/apc support
    • Full rar archive file listings
    • Mediainfo integration
    • CMS type role limits
    • Sphinx MySql search support
    • Much, much more...

    Send us a payment of 25USD/14GBP/20EUR and download today. You will receive the software immediately.

  • newznab classic

    The original newznab version, containing all the features required to build your own usenet index. Packaged with the GPLv3 license, you can download for free and start indexing usenet, now.